1880 Census Index for Winterer

This is an index from the 1880 Census for all of the Winterers found. This data was found on a CD (Intellectual Reserve, Inc. c. 2000) where I searched for the Winterer name. I will assume that someone had to type in this information from some source so there are bound to be misspellings and inaccurate date information. I have found some of the data to be inaccurate. This is only intended to point to where the Winterers were living in U.S. in 1880. At a later date I will attempt to add links that point to the genealogical record for each individual stored on this website.

Note: I have grouped these entries by households. Previously, I did not have that information but with help from Kerry Winterer and additional research I was able to separate the households. Each group lists the City, County and State where the census was taken. Additionally, the source of the data is listed so you can look up these yourself if desired. Note that some Winterers are listed as "Other". In these cases they appeared to be boarders in other people's homes.

NameYear of BirthRelationshipOccupationAgePlace of BirthFatherMother
Lake Prairie, Nicollet, MinnesotaFHL Film 1254627 National Archives Film T9-0627 Page 89D
Winterer, Otto 1824 Self Farmer 56 Germany BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Francois 1834 Wife Keeping House 46 Germany BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Herman 1856 Son St., University Of Mn.24 Pennsylvania BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Bertha 1858 Dau Work At Home 22 Pennsylvania BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Edward 1863 Son Work At Home 17 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, William 1865 Son   15 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Theravia 1867 Dau   13 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Louisa 1869 Dau   11 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Louise 1870 Son   10 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Otto 1873 Son   7 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Winterer, Charlie 1875 Son   5 Minnesota BADEN, GER BADEN, GER
Hillsborough, Vernon, WisconsinFHL Film 1255449 National Archives Film T9-1449 Page 320
Winterer, Anton 1825 Self Farmer 55 Baden BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Barbara E 1835 Wife Keeping House 45 Bagengen BAGENGEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Jacob H. 1863 Son Works On Farm 17 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Louisa B. 1865 Dau No Occupation 15 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Emma A. 1867 Dau No Occupation 13 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Frank A. 1869 Son Works On Farm 11 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Caroline T. 1870 Dau At School 10 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Battie 1871 Dau At School 9 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, George F. 1873 Son At School 7 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Louis O. 1875 Son   5 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Winterer, Anton W. 1878 Son At Home 2 Wisconsin BADEN BAGENGEN
Hausee, Annie M 1801 M in Law   79 Bagengen    
3rd Ward, St. Louis, St. Louis, MissouriFHL Film 1254717 National Archives Film T9-0717 Page 291B (First Enumeration)
Winterer, Frank 1826 Self Fireman On Steam B. 54 Germany BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Elisabeth 1838 Wife Keeping House 42 Germany HESSE HESSE
Winterer, Frank 1857 Son Blacksmith 23 Missouri BADEN HESSE
Winterer, William 1858 Son Fireman Of Ferry Co. 22 Missouri BADEN HESSE
Winterer, John 1865 Son Works In Tobacco Fct. 15 Missouri BADEN HESSE
Winterer, Louis 1878 Son   2 Missouri BADEN HESSE
St. Louis, St. Louis, MissouriFHL Film 1254719 National Archives Film T9-0719 Page 105D (First Enumeration)
Winterer, Carl 1840 Self Clerk Whls. Druggist 40 Germany BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Carolina F. 1847 Wife   33 Germany PRUSSIA PRUSSIA
Winterer, Johan G 1866 Son At Home 14 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Otto L. 1868 Son At Home 12 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Ottilia P. 1870 Dau At Home 10 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Carl W. 1872 Son At Home 8 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Edwin A. 1874 Son At Home 6 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Carolina F. 1876 Dau At Home 4 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Alois A. 1878 Son At Home 2 Missouri BADEN BADEN
Futcher, Ottilia 1830 Son   50 Missouri PRUSSIA PRUSSIA
Futcher, Maria A. 1866 Son   14 Missouri    
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaFHL Film 1255172 National Archives Film T9-1172 Page 418C
Winterer, Matthew 1827 Self Cabinet Maker 53 Baden BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Barbara H. 1842 Wife Keeping House 40 Bavaria GERM GERM
Winterer, Amelia L. 1870 Dau   10 Pennsylvania BADEN GERM
Winterer, Herman L. 1871 Son   9 Pennsylvania BADEN GERM
Winterer, Charles 1873 Son   7 Pennsylvania BADEN GERM
Winterer, Franklin 1876 Son   4 Pennsylvania BADEN GERM
Winterer, Flora 1880 Dau   1 Pennsylvania BADEN GERM
Middle Ward, Pottsville, Schuylkill, PennsylvaniaFHL Film 1255193 National Archives Film T9-1193 Page 389D
Winterer, William 1841 Self Baker 39 Baden BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Margaret 1840 Wife Keeping House 38 Germany BAVARIA BAVARIA
Winterer, John 1860 Son Baker 20 Pennsylvania BADEN BAVARIA
Winterer, Joseph 1864 Son Baker 16 Pennsylvania BADEN BAVARIA
Winterer, Louisa 1871 Dau At School 9 Pennsylvania BADEN BAVARIA
Winterer, Annie 1877 Dau At Home 3 Pennsylvania BADEN BAVARIA
Winterer, Clara 1880 Dau   1 Mon.PennsylvaniaBADEN BAVARIA
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaFHL Film 1255176 National Archives Film T9-1176 Page 183B
Winterer, William A. 1847 Self Wine Dealer 33 Pennsylvania BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Amelia 1850 Wife Keeps House 30 Pennsylvania PRUSSIA PRUSSIA
Winterer, Theressa 1875 Dau At School 5 Pennsylvania PA PA
Winterer, William A. 1878 Son   2 Pennsylvania PA PA
Winterer, Blanche 1880 Dau   6 Mon.PennsylvaniaPA PA
Fisher, Elizabeth 1880 Other   20 Pennsylvania PA PA
Dayton, Campbell, KentuckyFHL Film 1254407 National Archives Film T9-0407 Page 263B
Winterer, Charles 1831 Self Baker 49 Germany BAVARIA  
Winterer, Susan 1844 Wife Keeping House 36 Ohio PA PA
Winterer, George 1864 Son At Home 16 Kentucky PA OH
Winterer, Lizzie 1870 Dau At School 10 Kentucky PA OH
Winterer, Charles 1872 Son   8 Kentucky PA OH
4th Ward, Dubuque, Dubuque, IowaFHL Film 1254338 National Archives Film T9-0338 Page 247C
Winterer, William 1831 Self   49 Baden BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Fannie 1842 Wife Keeping House 38 Austria AUSTRIA AUSTRIA
Winterer, Annie 1861 Dau   19 Iowa BADEN AUSTRIA
Winterer, Fannie 1865 Dau   15 Iowa BADEN AUSTRIA
Winterer, Minnie 1872 Dau   8 Iowa BADEN AUSTRIA
Winterer, Lizzie 1875 Dau   5 Iowa BADEN AUSTRIA
New York, New York, New YorkFHL Film 1254885 National Archives Film T9-0885 Page 125B
Winterer, Joseph 1846 Self Laborer 34 Baden BADEN BADEN
Winterer, Elizabeth 1847 Wife Keeping House 33 Switzerland SWI SWI
Winterer, Ann 1874 Dau   6 New York BADEN SWI
Winterer, Henry 1877 Son   3 New York BADEN SWI
Winterer, Lydia 1879 Dau   1 New York BADEN SWI
New York, New York, New YorkFHL Film 1254888 National Archives Film T9-0888 Page 469C
Winterer, Henry 1860 Other Baker 20 New York GER GER
Town 5, Frontier, NebraskaFHL Film 1254749 National Archives Film T9-0749 Page 636B
Winterer, William H. 1858 Self Herding 22 Wisconsin    
St. Helena, Cedar, NebraskaFHL Film 1254744 National Archives Film T9-0744 Page 310B
Winterer, Lissie 1860 Other   20 Missouri BADEN BADEN