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The Who's Who is intended for the Winterer family and their close relatives. In order to access the list, you must request an account. This is to ensure the privacy of all our members and to keep their information secure.

Please fill out the following information and select a User ID and password. We will review this and may send you an email to request more information if necessary. After you have been granted rights, we will send an email to confirm your access. You will then be able to browse the Winterers listed here and create your own entry.

Please note the following rules:

  1. The information listed here is private and may not be distributed outside the Winterer family without consent of the person(s) involved.
  2. Inappropriate comments or photos will not be tolerated.
  3. Rude or inappropriate comments or emails to other family members will also not be tolerated.
  4. The key word is family - so treat everyone here with respect.

Violation of this policy will result in immediate removal from this list and loss of your login privileges.

Please note that Login names and passwords are case sensitive.

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