About this site

This site is dedicated to the Winterer Family and exchanging information about Winterers around the world past and present.

This is a work in progress. This site is intended to be a collaborative work. If you would like to participate with us in this endeavor please email me.

Privacy statement

This site is dedicated to protecting the privacy of those who particpate. We will not post information of a personal nature without your explict request. This includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. The Who's Who is a secure section that requires a login. You have control what information goes there and can create, edit and delete your own records.

Since this site is about the family history we will, of course, post family ancestry here. This is ongoing research and will be updated as new information is available. If this is of a concern to you then, at your request, the information will be removed and a generic entry will be placed there instead. This is slightly different from how we treat personal information since it will be removed only upon your specific request while personal contact information will only be placed here when you request that we do so.

I am working on providing a secure login to certain portions of the website, but unless I have some help on that it will be a while before it can be implemented. I would like to see a secure area where personal information can be seen, but only by approved and authorized users (read family members only).

This is not a commercial site. This is solely a personal and non-profit place for the Winterer family to exchange information. We will not have any banner ads or any other thing that could be used to generate profit of any kind. If a Winterer, who owns a business, wishes to advertise then that will only be in the form of a link to your website in the Who's Who section.


We are always looking for ideas as to what to put on the webiste. Please feel free to offer suggestions. This site is intended as a resource for any Winterer to use for family related subject matter. The following is a list of the kind of things that could be hosted here:

  1. Reunions. This can be a global reunion or simply a local branch of the family. Just because this site is dedicated to all Winterers does not mean that local family issues do not have a place here. In fact, this is one of the things I would like to see. I would like is site to be a resource for anything Winterer related.
  2. Research materials (e.g. copies of documents, references, etc.)
  3. A place to post requests for information. For example, you want to find out something about a Winterer in the 1800's. You could post your request here. Or if you were looking for a long lost cousin you could post a message here for that purpose also.
  4. Links to personal websites.
  5. Discussions using the forum on the website. These can be public or private discussions. The discussion forum software we are using allows multiple moderators. A moderator can control who joins into a discussion so you can have private discussions if that is wanted.
  6. Current events. Someplace where current events such as birth announcements, marriages, obituaries, etc. can be posted.
  7. Pictures of family past and present.
  8. Family stories. For example, Otto Winterer the mayor of Frieburg.
  9. Any other ideas you might have.

Contact Mike Winterer - site administrator.

Last updated 10-Aug-2001